Why Metasoft


Metasoft Solutions an upstart company, doing business in IT services and software development since last 16 Years. Our focused business areas are Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. Some of our projects are with the prestigious clients in niche areas like, Big Data and Predictive Analytics, Network Testing and Protocol testing, Web Applications and mobile development. Few of our Key customers are Polycom, IBM, WIPRO, NIKSUN and GSK in addition to Corporate and Govt sector.


“We offer flexible, quicker and cost effective solutions to the customers to make them competitive in their core business areas. We work with niche and emerging technologies in IT”.


Our Vision


Metasoft vision is to offer IT Services and Data Science consulting solutions
to the enterprises, Governments and Not for Profit Organizations in the areas of Business Intelligence & Predictive analytics using cutting edge technologies and tools

The goal is to reach one among the top 100 IT Services and data science companies in the world next three Years, and the objective is to deliver the stakeholder value by exceeding the expectations of the customers.


Our Mission


Mission statement: Metasoft “IT Services and Data Science Consulting Company”: To be a transformative leader in the data science consulting world and helping organizations to use cutting edge technologies for making informed decisions with right Datasets.




our Philosophy


The business philosophy of the company is to be a driving force for social, environmental and economical benefit for People and Planet.




Values and belifes


We believe humanity and human endeavour largely depends on Nature, Progressive
Thoughts and sustainable economy. Metasoft as an organization would like to evolve the values around the above beliefs. The value system in Metsoft consist of Trust,
Transparency, Consistency, Dependability, Innovation and Thought leadership.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.